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Hijab Styling: The Best Guide for Hijabis [2024]

The hijab, a symbol of identity and personal style in the dynamic fashion world, serves as a canvas for self-expression, creativity, and cultural pride. Whether you are experienced or just embarking on your journey, this guide aims to assist you in mastering the art of styling hijabs with confidence and panache.

Hijabs represent statements of identity and personal style. This detailed guide will walk you through choosing the right fabric, mastering diverse hijab styles, and skillfully coordinating hijab colours with your outfits. Shop hijabs Australia to find your perfect match.

Choosing the Right Hijab Fabric

The journey to a stylish and comfortable hijab begins with selecting the appropriate fabric. Hijabs are available in various fabrics, each offering unique qualities. Cotton hijabs provide breathability for everyday wear, while chiffon and silk hijabs bring elegance and beautiful draping for special occasions. Jersey and viscose hijabs are soft and stretchy, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

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Consider your willingness to invest time in hijab care. Some fabrics require gentle hand washing and careful maintenance, while others are more durable and low-maintenance. Choose based on your lifestyle and schedule.

The fabric’s texture and feel against your skin is also crucial. Comfort is key, whether you prefer the smoothness of silk or the texture of a cotton blend.

Different Hijab Styles

Hijabs offer a world of versatility in styling. From the traditional square wrap to modern turban styles, there's a hijab style for every occasion and preference. Let’s explore some popular styles.

  • Traditional Square Hijab: This classic style, often seen in Turkey, involves folding a square hijab into a triangle, placing it over the head, and tying the edges at the neck.
  • Rectangular Hijab: This versatile style can be draped in various ways, offering a simple yet stylish look.
  • Turban Style: A modern and trendy style, the turban hijab involves wrapping the fabric around the head and creating decorative knots or twists.

Hijab styling is an expression of individuality; there are no strict rules. The goal is to find a style that flatters your face, compliments your outfit, and boosts your confidence.

Styling Hijab With Outfits

The art of colour coordination is essential in hijab styling. The right colour combinations can enhance your overall look and make a statement. Mix and match your outfits with our range of pleated hijabs!

Comprehending the colour wheel is key to successful coordination. Complementary colours create striking contrasts, while analogous colours offer a harmonious blend. For a bold statement, choose a hijab in a complementary colour to your outfit. Alternatively, a monochromatic look exudes elegance and simplicity.

Accessorising Your Hijab

Accessories can elevate your hijab style. 

Consider using colourful or minimal hijab magnets, hijab pins for functionality and elegance, a brooch for a sophisticated touch, or handbags and shoes that complement your outfit’s colour scheme.

Seasonal Hijab Styling

Adapting your hijab style to the seasons is both practical and an opportunity to express your fashion sense creatively.

  • Summer Chic: Opt for light, breathable fabrics and vibrant colours. Turban styles and minimal accessories are ideal.
  • Fall Elegance: Embrace layering, earthy tones, cosy fabrics, and wrap styles for added warmth.
  • Winter Warmth: Use thermal under-scarves and thick fabrics like wool or fleece. Stick to a neutral palette with pops of colour.
  • Spring Freshness: Floral patterns, light layers, soft pastels, and loose drapes capture the essence of spring.


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