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Buy Luxe Womens Long Sleeve Tops Online

Our Long Sleeve Tops for Women are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your everyday wardrobe. Made from the finest light stretch material, these basic long sleeve tops are designed to flatter your figure and make you feel confident and stylish. Whether you're looking to layer, need some added warmth, or something for underneath a sheer top, our luxe basics long sleeve womens tops are the perfect style for you. With a range of sizes and silhouettes available, there's sure to be a Luxe Long Sleeve Top that's perfect for your unique fashion sense. So explore the collection and find the ideal top to elevate your everyday look.

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Shop Women’s Long Sleeve Tops Online at Mod Squad

The perfect bottom layer for any occasion, our long sleeve womens tops from Mod Squad can be worn year-round and are perfect for adding a touch of modesty and class to your outfit for any occasion. We have a range of colours including, a range of cream colours - sand, vanilla & buttercream, latte brown, berry pink, olive green, midnight black, snow white, and a lovely smoke grey that pairs beautifully with navy blue!

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Women’s Long Sleeve Tops - FAQ

What material are the women’s long sleeve tops made from?

The Mod Squad brand has been formulated with luxurious simplicity in mind, and our basic long-sleeve women’s tops are no exception. These luxurious long sleeve tops are made from a light stretch fabric that gently hugs the curves while adding a discreet layer, where needed, to an outfit. The light stretch fabric and figure-hugging design are a thing of beauty as they allow you to layer without adding bulk to your look.

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How should I style the basic long-sleeve top?

A long underskirt is a garment that is worn under a dress or skirt that can give you a little bit of extra warmth, provide an opaque base to a transparent overgarment, add some shape to the top layer skirt or dress, or add a little modesty to your outfit by covering more skin.

A long under skirt was once a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Today, they are making a comeback as a fashion statement. Worn under a dress or skirt, they can add a touch of elegance and class to your look.

Shop our range of luxe long underskirts for dresses, the perfect modest basic to style under sheer dresses or skirts.

What is the difference between a petticoat and a slip?

Slips are sleek, dress-like undergarments with varying-length hems and slender shoulder straps. Slips are generally worn to prevent undergarments like bras and underwear from being seen through clothing.

Underskirts are also known as petticoats and are worn beneath dresses and skirts to add volume and warmth. They hang from the waist. Our long underskirts are slim-fitting and are designed to be worn under sheer overgarments or to provide extra coverage and warmth.

Can I return my item if I am not happy with it?

Yes, we offer returns on our items. If you have purchased an item in the wrong size or would like to change the colour, contact us today to find out how to go about exchanging the item.

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When should I wear a long underskirt?

Underskirts are said to provide modesty and elegance. Similar to how a thin vest is worn beneath a transparent or semi-transparent top, they are simple to wear below a thin or sheer skirt. Even in windy conditions, a skirt or dress can be kept in place or modesty can be preserved with the help of an underskirt.

Women will often wear a long underskirt to work, or on an evening out, and they can even be worn under a wedding dress!

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